The Program


Crossing the Jordan is an 18 Month Residential Program, including 12 months of intense structure with 6 months residential aftercare at the graduate home. 

We are lovers of Jesus.

We believe in the Gospel of Good News.  We attend non-denomination, Santa Rosa Christian Church. You are not required to be a believer to be accepted into the program.  You are only required to participate in the curriculum.

Make no mistake.  We are a tough program.  We make no excuses about it.

Around here, it’s all about God, Family, Country.

We believe in the foundation principles of a hard day’s work, caring about our community and good ole’ fashion fun.  We are on a mission to make wholesome cool again. And no, we don’t wear prairie dresses with bonnets on our head. We are fashionable, talented and determined to push the limits, bust out of the box we have placed on ourselves in. We are no longer defined by our pasts.

Oh, you will get the healing and life skills you need here; 12 Steps, Parenting, Counseling, Mentoring, Job Skills Training and Drug & Alcohol Testing.  But it’s way more than that.

We have been set free.  We are bold and the chains of addiction bound us NO MORE.

We live with purpose.  We bring joy and life and laughter wherever we go.

We vacation together, win the most spirited contests at most events, rock our own fashion shows, choreograph our own flash mobs (yes, we said flash mobs), and are about the craziest group of sober people you will ever meet.  We love deeply. We do not forget those still lost.  We are a movement of people committed to living a life free from all that once enslaved us.  We are intentional in all that we do, to the glory of God.

We believe in doing everything with excellence and with that, our company is growing fast, real fast.  We believe that the best trained company wins, so you will learn here, more than you could ever imagine. Opportunity lives and breathes here.  We open the door, you simply have to walk in… wholeheartedly, committed to change. We are always progressing, ever expanding, and constantly living in a forward motion.  

Join us and be set free. 

To apply for the program, just click here.