Donation Pick Up

Donation Pick Up

(707) 596-2557

Mon - Fri:
9:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday or after hours leave message


Fire Victim Donations:
We are at max capacity for the storage of goods for fire warns. We are no longer able to say donations be dedicated specifically for fire victims, however fire victims can and will continue to be able to shop in our stores for free with our voucher system. We would love to have your donations and they would definitely go to serving community and our cause which includes helping fire victims

Item Acceptability:
Our drivers have final say as to whether or not any particular item can be accepted.

Items NOT acceptable:
Pressed wood, Entertainment centers, Tube TVs but not limited, Car Seats, Strollers
High Chairs, Mattresses, Ripped or stained furniture.

Junk Removal:
We offer junk removal service for items that we cannot accepted as donations for a fee